Deepam Educational Society for Health  

see this site Contact Person:  Mr. Rajesh K R State of Registration : Tamil Nadu Summary of Organization : Deepam Educational Society for Health (DESH), a non-profit NGO since 1991 spreads Social Health Education (SHE) for the well-being of the community. DESH emphasizes on self-empowerment with accountability to bring behavioral change, resulting in
community/ collective movement. Utilizing culture factors, DESH mobilizes formation of
action groups facilitating sustainable impact resulting in a healthy society. DESH’s
health programs include reproductive and child health, communicable and non
communicable diseases, prevention of substance use/abuse and Road Safety. DESH
works with marginalized/hard-to-reach groups, Truckers, mobile population, health care
workers, students, teachers and women in the reproductive age. DESH’s intervention
covers both urban and rural areas, pan India. DESH has been implementing Road
safety program among truckers, two wheelers, pedestrians and students in
Hanumangarh District, Rajasthan, since 2014  

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